Organization Chart

  • H.E. Dr. Khalifa bin Abdullah bin Hamad Al Barwani

    Chief Executive

    • Directorate-General for Specialized Statistics

      Directorate-General for Specialized Statistics

      • Laila Habeb AL-Ajmi

        Director of Tourism and Travel

      • --

        Department of Environmental, Natural Resources & Energy

      • --

        Department of Science and Technology Statistics

      • --

        Department of Wages & living Conditions

    • Salem Obaid Awlad-Thani

      Acting General Director Administration & Finance Affairs

      • Salem Obaid Awlad-Thani

        Director of Administration Affairs

      • Mohab Hamed AL-Nabhani

        Director of Finance Affairs

      • Rashid bin saif bin omran Almanji

        Director of Employees Affairs

      • Yousuf Abdulla AL-Ajmi

        Director Puplic Relations

    • Eng. Sulaiman Abdulrahim Alzadjali

      Director General of IT

      • Ahmed Musallam AL-Mufarji

        Director of Applications Department

      • Ibrahim Ahmed AL-Wahibi

        Director Of Infrastructure for Information Technology

      • Mazen Said AL-Manthari

        director Data Base

      • Sameh Said AL-Araimi

        Director of Geospatial Statistical Application Dep

    • Eng. Hassan Alawi Al-Ghazali

      Director General of NSDI

      • Saud Salim Al-Nofli

        Director of Spatial Data

      • --

        Department of Strategy and Plann

      • --

        Department of Operations and Technical Services

    • Sawsan Dawood AL-Lawati

      General Director of Information

      • Issa Said AL-Abri

        Director of Information Dissemination

      • Suad Abdullah AL-Maawali

        Director of Statistical Analysis and Information Report

      • Kauthar Hamed AL-Farsi

        Director of National and International Information

      • Department Measuring Public Opinion

        Department Measuring Public Opinion

    • Khalid Said AL-Muzaffar

      General Director of Economic Statistics

      • Khalaf Saud AL-Suleimani

        Director of National Accounts Department

      • Ahmed Taleb AL-Maimani

        Director of Statistics, Domestic and Foreign Trade

      • Department of economic and Sectors Statistics

        Department of economic and Sectors Statistics

      • Department of Economic Surveys

        Director of Economic Surveys

    • Directorate General of Population and Social Statistics

      General Director of Population and Social Statistics

      • Habeb Ja'afar AL-Lawati

        Director of Education Statistics, Health and Culture Department

      • Ahmed Awad AL-Ya'aqubi

        Director of Population and Labour Statistics

      • Halima Yousof AL-Wahaibia

        Director of Community Statistics

      • Ya'aqub Khamis Al-Zadjali

        Director of Social Survey Department

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