•   NCSI awarded ISO 9001:2005 certification for Quality Management The ISO 9001:2015 standard defines the criteria for an organisation's quality management system, and considers a number of quality management principles including strong customer focus, the motiva...
  • (9.02%) rise in prices of products and services ​Oman registered a year-on-year consumer inflation of (1.79%) in January 2017 & Miscellaneous goods and services costs rose by (1.88%)
  • 929,900 ton of fodder crops ​Oman's agricultural production exceeds (1.77) million ton in 2015 & Production of dates increased from 317,404 ton in 2014 to 325,314 ton in 2015

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1,751,196 43.90%
2,271,196 56.10%
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Value of Oil and Gas Exports (Bn. R.O.)

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Statistics … The Way Forward


Today data is considered as a valuable wealth as it is used in many areas. (Williams, T, & studiO, 2016) has mentioned in his article “The Importance of Statistics in Management Decision Making” that data is important in areas like,  focus... More Details

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Seats held by women in national parliaments (%)

60% Complete
8.9 %

Omanization in the Public Civil Sector (%)

60% Complete
85 %

Population with access to affordable essential medicines (%)

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100 %
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Training on Statistics for NonStatisticains. 29/05/2016

Training on (Statistics for Non-statisticians) for 2 days

Training on Metadata. 24/05/2016

Training on (Metadata) for 3 days
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