The Added Value to the Manufacturing Industry at current prices (Bn.R.O)

Indicator Description
The manufacturing industries are the activities, which process the raw material extracted from nature, as well as from the agricultural, botanic and animal materials, and transforming them into another form Neg
Indicator Unit (ع)
مليار ريال عماني
Indicator Type
Indicator Value
Indicator Date
National Accounts
Gross Demostic Product

An index that measures the value, which the manufacturing industry, as an economic activity, adds to the country economy
The added value to the manufacturing industries index is computed from the total added values to the manufacturing industry sub-activities, and such as follows:
1. The refined petroleum products industry: The added value is estimated based on the analysis of Omani Company for Refineries and Petro-chemicals budget.
2. The other manufacturing industries: The results of the economic surveys conducted by NCSI, as well as the annual industrial survey conducted by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, are used in the estimations of this activity
3. The Chemical materials and products industry: The added value is estimated based on the analysis of the budgets of companies operating in this field.
Quarterly, Yearly
Unit of Measurement:
Billion Rials Omani
National Center for Statistics and Information

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