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Economic Review 2015 : Third Quarter 2015


Pursuance of the economic situation and its associated news and Key Performance Indicators and have the constant attention and follow-up of decision/policies-makers and interested people, which is not limited to economists professionals only. Perhaps the real challenge in the follow-up the economic situation, despite the important of the matter, is insufficiency or absence of information from which they draw their opinions, and in order to achieve follow-up of the Omani economy, the National Center of Statistics and Information, has developed a specialized bulletin as the " Economic Review " to review all aspects that are affecting the Economy movement and development in a discreet manner and reliable information.

The bulletin divided into several sections providing integrated statistical and informational views on the Sultanate's economy and in easy manner to deal with it by different segments of beneficiaries, where the bulletin reviews the following: the Sultanate of Oman in international indicators, economy global and regional expectations, the Sultanate’s GDP, foreign direct investment, public finance indicators, cash-sector indicators, Muscat Securities Market indicators, the tourism sector indicators, producer prices index, consumer prices index, foreign trade indicators, the workforce in the private sector indicators.

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