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Statistical Yearbook 2014 :42 Issue.


The Statistical Yearbook is the is the most comprehensive version that plays a double role as provides an overview of reality and its evolution through time series, as well as enhance the methods of extrapolation, and out of the statistical statement, we can draw objective certain results, and is no doubt that the statistical extrapolation is the most cause for the attention as its one of the most important contemporary tools for decision-making and assessing the impact of the implementation of policies on the ground.

Statistical Year Book was issued in December 2014, and includes an integrated statistical tables to the following: climate, population, housing, public sector, private sector, Agriculture and Livestock, Fisheries, oil and gas, electricity, water, internal industry and commerce, foreign trade, transport, communications, public national accounts, finance, financial institutions, price indices, health care, education, social services, security and safety, media and tourism.

No of Pages Hard Copy Price Periodicity Sector Publication Type
514 9 Yearly General statistics Statistical Publication
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