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Statistics … The Way Forward
Author أحمد بن مسلم بن سالم المفرجي
Published 2016/12/09
Blog Category PublicStatistics
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Today data is considered as a valuable wealth as it is used in many areas. (Williams, T, & studiO, 2016) has mentioned in his article “The Importance of Statistics in Management Decision Making” that data is important in areas like,  focusing on big picture, backing judgment, making connection, ensuring quality, consideration. This essay will discuss briefly the writer’s interest in the needs of transforming statistics from using traditional data sources to utilizing new emerging data sources like Big Data sources, or Admin...
Author almakhmari
Published 2015/06/01
Blog Category ChildRights
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Muhammad Abdou alzghyr Arab expert on the Rights of the Child, the rights of the Child since the end of the eighties of the last century, the work of the experts in Children's Department of the League of Arab States since 1996 until 1999, and then coordinated development of children, and later as director of Arab Council for Childhood and Development Programs from 1999 to 2004. During that period he conducted editor of "Childhood and Development" issued by the Council. And then the work of experts to manage family and chil...
Motivation within the Omani EFL Context
Author almakhmari
Published 2015/05/27
Blog Category Educational
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Motivation within the Omani EFL Context: Types, Sources and Classroom Implications Rahma Al-Mahrooqi Christopher Denman Humanities Research Centre, Sultan Qaboos University   Full Paper: Al-Mahrooqi, R., & Denman, C. J. (2014). Motivation within the Omani EFL context: Types, sources and classroom implications. Journal of Teaching and Education, 3(2), 103-120. Summary: Motivation is often considered one of the most important factors associated with the successful learning of a second or foreign ...

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